Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summertime: 17

As I told you last week we spent camping in the woods nearby. We had such a go od time. I started knitting my first (ever!) pair of socks for the little one...that was something I wanted to do for a long time.
The weather was rather cold and humid so we boiled lots of hot water for warm cups of tea and coffee...nothing better than a hot cup of tea to warm your cold hands when you're outside.
We bought some local tomatoes from these sweet boys along the side of the road as well as honey and apples from local farms. It was a week well spent. Enjoying nature with sun and rain, chilly mornings, a warm fire at night, knitting, a glass of wine by candle light, swimming, and lots of playing and being together. It was a real good end of a precious summertime.


periwinkle said...

well done on your first socks - i really need to overcome my sock fear!!
lisa x

our shabby cottage said...

Your week sounds perfect Erna. What a lovely way to spend time with the family. The socks are looking good too. Kathryn.

Ravenhill said...

Wow, the socks in progress are simply stunning!

By the way, I am having a little give away to celebrate my anniversary and I hope you will join in!
~Emily in Norway xx

lisette said...

Ohhh wat knap!! Respect!! Mijn sokkenbol-wol en setje naalden ligt er nog.. vind het heel moeilijk! Echt heel erg gaaf van je! En ze worden super netjes en mooi. Echt knap, ook meteen zo'n nette hak!

a friend to knit with said...

it sounds perfect............and your socks are excellent!

Anonymous said...