Friday, August 29, 2008

Summertime: 16

Last days were spent with another camping trip. We wanted to enjoy the summer to the soak in every bit of sun and spend as much time outside as possible. So we packed for a few days in the woods...and kicked off with some yummy strawberries in whipped cream...More pictures and stories about that later.

First some pictures of the 'children's sewing kit swap' hosted by Melissa. This was the parcel for my oldest which he loved! It was full of fun sewing projects and tools! Thank you so much Tarisota!
And this lovely package was send by Lynn for my little one. It contains all things cute for little hands and little fingers. Thank you too Lynn for putting together such a sweet parcel! It was great fun this swap! Please take a look at the blogs of these ladies and you'll find what I send them too.