Saturday, May 3, 2008

out in the vegetable garden...

It has nothing to do with fabric but we enjoyed our afternoon
so much I have to show you a little of it..

Here are the boys playing around..I try to not say no to
anything they do out there...just let them... Most of the
times this works so well...After more then 3 hours they
didn't want to go home...hope it stays that way during the
summer... You can see the first salad plants growing and
some onions..

And here our first flowers...strawberries!! We can't wait to
harvest them but it'll take a while...those tiny white leaves
are sooo clean and it! Can you imagine to have
these as sheets on your bed...

And my dotted wellies...I couldn't resist buying these...and
they are well used already. First in the mud on our camping
space and now in our garden... they make me happy! (am
I crazy...??)

Then I want to say thank you to all of you for commenting
and visiting my blog. Lately I don't have the time to reply
every single comment but I try to visit your blogs and leave
a message when possible. I just want to tell you that your
comments and visits are so rewarded. It makes me feel
much more confident about this whole 'being a crafty
mother' experience... thanx fo all your support! Can't say it
enough that it's so appreciated. And a special thanx to
my sweet mum who always believes in me! Thank you
mama for all your support!! and for my dear friend Loes
a big hug and a special thanx too for the same reasons...

Ok and before I start to reflect on my whole life I'd better
finish this text and go to my studio to get some work done!



Jodie said...

Such gorgeous boots for the garden.

Cathy said...

love your boots - and it is so good for children to learn about growing things to eat. they will remember that always.

Kate said...

Love those boots!

Iris E. said...

(I always guess at the Dutch language instructions and feel lucky when I pick the right link and it takes me to Comment!)
I will have to post a photo on my blog of my own polka dotted rain boots! Mine are navy with pink dots! Isn't that sweet, we can be twins in our various faraway locations.
I am a little jealous of your growing things. So far, nothing here. Just still very cold rain!

Selina said...

Groovy boots! I have been looking for some for myself...

Anonymous said...