Monday, May 5, 2008

Atc's, pencilroll and a swap.

Look at these cute ATC's...aren't they adorable? they were send
to me by the lovely Iris..she makes lots of them you can see
them on her blog.
Even the children liked them (the one in the front was for my
youngest boy). The oldest one didn't even let me take a picture
of his one...they are really cute, tiny and so detailed! Thank you
Iris! a little something comes your way...almost finished :)

A couple of nights before I promised my oldest boy to make
him a pencil roll since he spent the whole day colouring. He
really likes it! It's so nice that you''re own handwork turns out
to be so usefull.

I'm planning to do more sewing but I ran out of labels...hmmm
I ordered them already but it'll take a couple of weeks till they
arrive...maybe I can finally sew the curtains for my boys room...
hmm not a bad idea at all!

And then the swap. I was just reading some blogs (the children are
asleep) and came around Kate's blog.... a couple of days ago she
wrote this lovely toadstool tutorial and now she is hosting a
toadstool swap! I'm totally in love with toadstools (or actually
anything which is red and has white dots as you all know of course :))
so I had to sign up. The season here is not really toadstool'ish but
I'll forget about that and strawberries and all and make a pretty
toadstool! You'll see my progress overhere of course.

Now have a lovely sunny day! I'm going to do some more potatoe-
planting and watering the little plants in our 'moestuin' (vegetable garden).



Ravenhill said...

Erna, so neat that you are aquainted with Iris too! I wanted so badly to get to see her while at home. Hopefully next year. Her ATC's are so wonderful!

Mary Beth said...

Thank you so much for the toadstool link, I love it! Your pencil roll is fabulous--I'm inspired to make one soon.

Suzie Sews said...

Oh a lovely post, I love the pencil rolls, so cute to colour all day.
Hope you have a good week.
Suzie Sews
PS Picture of the tissue holders now up on my blog...sorry for the confussion!!!

Iris E. said...

Thanks, Erna, for showing your readers my ATCs! I am glad your boys like them! For anyone who might be interested, I am having a Leave A Comment Giveaway this month on my blog. At the end of May I will draw 4 names from the commenters and send off some cards to the lucky winners.

And the pencil cases are delightful! You are so talented!

Selina said...

Hi Erna, I've been lazy this week but good to see you have been busy sewing and blogging...

Anonymous said...