Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Some freshly washed fabrics hanging down above the of my favorite places in the's looking so bright...Just love it.

And then this one... Do you remember I took part in the apron swap of the lovely Abby !? Well this is what the mailman brought me! A bundle of joy! It couldn't be more perfect...This apron is soooo me! I tried to take an overall picture but it just didn't do any right to this beautiful peace of handwork. It was made by Jenni from Texas Usa. Unfortunately she has no blog. But she told me this was only the 2nd time she ever made an apron! wow...that girl has potential! It's so nicely sewn and decorated with the buttons....just love it! Thank you soo much Jenni!!

If that wasn't enough the other day arrived this wonderfull package od joy... from the lovely Emily. I couldn't believe it but this beautiful bracelet she made it herself! wow...terrific job Emily! Thank you so much!! I'm so overwhelmed by all this blog-happiness :)