Sunday, February 17, 2008


Oh dear... I don't know where to start... so much to tell and show...
I'm so exited! The kids are asleep for an hour orso so they can wake up any moment.
Let's see how far I'll come. If I don't have the time now I'll do another post tonight.
Ok let's start...
I just took a look at the wonderfull blog of Calico Daisy. Michele has a really nice
blog with beautiful things and she's sweet too! Take a look it's really worthwhile! While reading the post today
I saw she mentioned me and my blog in her post!! Thank you so much Michele!That's very sweet of you! And wish you all the best with you cold hope you'll be better soon!
Yesterday night I was busy making some nicelittle present for Michele and one for Emily from Ravenhill too. They were the first and second one to leave a comment on my blog! Check out Emily's blog too... You'll love it I'msure! And because I like to make and give presents I'll decided to make something for them both. Here's a sneaky peak of what I'm up to:

It's so lovely...I just want to keep it for myself! But because It's so nice I already started cutting and sewing more of this cutie...I already have a shop but I'm thinking of maybe opening an etsy shop too..I think that will be easyer in blogging land.

Here's a look at some new fabrics I bought. I'm really into the reds ands fruits (and dots and...and...haha) so this looks like heaven to me! But now I don't want to cut just has to stay like this for a while...lovely isn't it?

And here a little peek at the cuttings I did for my little gift (see above) and some extra for my shop. Hope to show you the results soon..Ok that's it for are ruling the house eh..mommy's time :) I'll be back with you tonight to show you what I've got from my sweet husband for valentine and some new fabrics I bought..have a nice day!


Ravenhill said...

I feel almost guilting "peeking" at what you are sending to lucky ME! Very exciting! Thank you for saying all those sweet things.

I just wanted to mention that your shop link on this post didn't work. I would love to see your shop!

Your new fabrics are just lovely!

Mette said...

Great fabric. I love red.

Anonymous said...