Saturday, August 7, 2010

On the table..

Not so much happening over least nothing visible. My belly is growing though and keeps me from doing much more than some cleaning, washing and cooking...
I'm currently enjoying these simple but colourfull flowers out our garden. What are you enjoying? xx


Kimminita said...

Oeh love these pictures!

Currently BF is breaking the old desks in 2 to fit them into the car and take them away to be destroyed. Guess that's called redecorating. And delegating ;)

Lil' Miss Polkadot said...

Beautiful Picture !

I am enjoying...summer, swimming, the kids, and crafting.... love it !!
But also ¨little¨things such as the beautiful views here, the sun going down at night ...


Bia said...

Wonderfull photos.
I'm living a braziliam winter right now. Grey sky, cold and sad.
I wonder were are you from and what kind of camera you have!!!!!!