Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Craft Parking

Wow what a great day it was last sunday in Maastricht! Great location, lots of people, good atmosphere and the nicest weather!
In addition there were lots of people saying 'hi' and telling me they're following my blog! That was great! Thank you so much for coming and saying ' hi ' ! You are the best!

I was also very happy with how my booth came together, what do you think? I would love to hear so I can improve it for next market ( more about that later) I think it looked very fresh although a little bit cluttered and full of stuff and fabric....but it seemed everybody liked to pull out the fabrics to take a closer look.

On top of all this I made great sales and when I came back my parents had put the kids to bed already! Hmmm I think that was the best part (just kidding)! thanks mum and dad for all your help!

As a result the shop is a little bit empty but new fabrics are on the way and I'm working on new products too! And to thank you for all this market-love : stay tuned for a give-away later this week!!

Enjoy your day
xx Erna


Ballee said...

That looks great! Nice pictures too!

It gives such an energy boost I think, having a great day, with a lot of nice people and surrounded with beautifull stuff!

Maybe you can bring next time a little "kastje" to make height on your table?

mamutopia said...

Hi again! :)

I think your booth was wonderful: so many colours and so many things to look at. I really liked it!

Janina Modaal said...

Amai, het zag er reuzegoed uit!
Vooral in rood en wit precies, en ook jijzelf was assortie gekleed, echt leuk!

byPetra said...

Wow, that's so great Erna! And I love how the colours contrasting with the white of your booth.

Jolanda said...

Prachtig! Je bent een ware inspiratiebron.

Raquel said...

Wauw, ziet dat er even goed uit! Wil ik ook!!!! Helaas zover ben ik nog niet, komt wel een keer! Super, al die vrolijke kleurtjes, tja, is ook helemaal mijn ding!

Lieve groet, Raquel (Olliebollies)

MiekK's said...

Ziet er super leuk uit zeg, gezellig al die kleurtjes!
Misschien de volgende keer iets van mandjes om je spulletjes wat meer te ordenen?
Groetjes, Marieke

Tizzalicious said...

Your boooth makes me happy! I wish I could have been there!

kiki said...

Wow, your place looks fantastic!! I wish I could have seen all the pretty things in real!
Happy day,

veerle said...

Het was super ! De mooiste stand van heel de craftparking,....en ik denk ook de drukste...Was wel een beetje zielig voor de andere standhouders...volgens mij had jij wel het meeste succes !

The Magic Onions said...

Your shop looks STUNNING!! I would definitely have stopped for a look and would never have been able to leave empty handed... your work is amazing.
Blessings and magic.

mamas kram said...

It looks really wonderful! So colourful and cheerful!
I love all your pretty things!
Greetings from Switzerland, Doris

MUS said...

ziet er zo goed uit erna!
enne wat een mooie jurk draag jij, wow

randi said...

What a pretty set-up! Too bad there isn't anything like that here when we have craft fairs. I would have to buy everything!

Vicki said...

The colors are just amazing, but I think my favorite part is your shirt!! Beautiful. I want one. Very feminine and comfy looking.

Sabahnur said...

yay! you look beautiful Erna with all that lovely items.. my faves are apples and mushrooms :))

Anonymous said...