Tuesday, August 25, 2009

30 days of Happiness: day 1

Coffee and new fabrics

As from today I'm joining Erin in 30 Days of Happiness. After a good and well spent summer enjoying each other and the good things, life starts to be more buzy and full of commitments again.

Children sound asleep

I'm looking forward to find small pleasures and enjoy the world around me. To appreciate the love and friendship connecting me to others.

Looking forward to long dark autumn nights full of fabric, warm knits and lots of sewing!

For the next 30 days, I will try to capture moments or images that bring happiness to my mind. I really hope you enjoy them, too!


Op het platteland... said...

What a lovely idea. It is easy to find your normal back to school/work daily life boring while it is actually filled with great things.
Getting married in 10 days and am afraid I will too get into the whole I-find-my-normal-life-boring situation after all the madness is over. Will definitely keep this in mind and might throw it into my own blog after the madness.

Jolanda said...

Supercool idea. Gives you something to think about and not take everything for granted.

Maybe I'll join.

Tizzalicious said...

Sweet idea! :) I'm looking forward to your posts!

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

I am so glad you're joining Erin too. That coffee looks delicious and so do the fabrics.

What a sweet sleeping babe.

Looking forward to more (:

Christie said...

Love your photos. Look forward to reading your 30 day journey!

margarita ♥ Stipje ♥ said...

een beetje gekke vraag mischien maar ik zou je heel graag willen volgen maar ik zou niet weten hoe ik kan niets vinden om me aan te melden.ik zie je wel bij andere in de lijst.
ik hoor graag van je.
lieve groetjes Margarita

Noni said...

Je hebt een award gekregen...kijk even op mn blog en neem hem digitaal in ontvangst ^-^

Anonymous said...