Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brooches and Market!

In order to fill my booth next sunday...I whipped these brooches up.

You know, children love to tell everybody they turned a year do my boys...
These can be worn at birthdays (and look cute as an extra decoration on a present!) but after the party is over they look cute too on bags, coats...

Now I have to work on more things to bring to the market! I would love to see you there!



Lisette-Li said...

Wat leuk, die broches! Ik kwam ze al wel eens tegen, maar wist nooit wat ermee te doen... Nu weet ik het!

En de Amerikahal.. Lijkt me leuk, hoop dat ik kan komen, maar ik moet zaterdag ook al in Apeldoorn zijn, dus ben bang van niet. Ik wens je in ieder geval een fijne dag en goede verkoop!

Anonymous said...


Ze zijn geweldig! Echt super!!!
En wat heb je er al veel gemaakt :)

Dikke kuss


Kiki said...

I wish you wouldn`t live so far away -I would be the first on the market!!!
Great brooshes,I should make one for my sonwhen he will turn 3 next month!
Have a nice day,

NoeKs blogt... said...

Wat vrolijk zeg! Zeker als ze zo bij elkaar liggen, je zal ze zeker goed verkopen!

maaria said...

These brooches are PERFECT!

I wish I could visit you on this market *sigh*
wish you lots of funf & lots of buyers! *gg*

♥ maaria

Cee said...

These are such a lovely idea. I have been inspired by you and made something similar - some hairclips to help my daughter celebrate her school sports day.

I have just now posted some pictures. Yellow is such a bright and sunny colour for them.

Thankyou again for your lovely inspiration and I hope your market went well. Had it not been for the many seas and lands between us we would have been there with bells on.

CONNY said...


je maakt echt heel erg mooi dingen.
ik ben nu all 20 minutjes op je seit.
nog een frag,will je mij zegen,war ik die lebels kan bestellen?
sorry vor mijn nederlands,mijn duits ist better....

dankeje wel groetjes conny

Anonymous said...

yes.. strange text

somebody said...