Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little Project

In between taking care of two poor boys I made a rice pillow following this tutorial. It was easy peasy and finished in half an hour or less...what made it even more fun.

I used this fabric which I like because of the bright and cheery colours! Can use some cheeryness overhere.


Iris E. said...

Hang in there, Erna! Having two sick at home is a lot of work. I have always wondered, is it best to have both sick at once (get it all over quickly) or have one sick and then the other? I might prefer the former, if I had a choice.
I love your cheerful rice pillow. With the extreme cold this winter, have you been able to skate with the family?

Kiki said...

The rice pillow is a good idea while it`s very cold outside!
By the way,I have a translator on my blog now.
Good night,

vlijtig said...

Erna, I tagged you. Look at my blog for the details. Lovely rice-pillows by the way.

Jolanda said...

Thanks, just what I needed! I want to make 40 presents for my husband who will be 40 later this yeat

Erna said...

wow Jolanda that's a WHOLE LOT!! Good luck...what a sweet idea!

lisette said...

The best and most pretty rice pillow ever seen! Hope your boys are a bit better yet.

somebody said...