Friday, November 21, 2008

Two Minute Wreath

I'm slowly getting the 'Its-almost-Christmas-I-want-my-whole-house-to-be-decorated-in-red-and-white-feeling'.
And what do you do when you look outside and see this kind of weather but with two young boys running around like crazy no time to spend a few hours in your studio?
You pick up the wreath which you still didn't put away since summer with some cute mushrooms you found at the Hema and put them together with a bow! there it is...the 'two-minute-I'm-slowly-getting-the-it's-almost-christmas-I-want-my-whole-house-to-be-decorated-in-red-and-white-feeling-WREATH!


Anonymous said...

Lieve Ern,

Wat heb je toch weer een leuke ideetjes!!! Kom je mijn huisje ook even opfleuren? ;-)

Heb jij ook in die hagelbui gestaan om sinterklaas op te wachten? Hoorde van mijn zusje dat het errug koud was...

Liefs, Brecht

Anonymous said...

haha ja en de mijne ook??

Bedankt voor de leuke foto's van de kids..

Dikke kus Loes

vivi said...

just cute!
kisses, vivi

periwinkle said...

love the red and white - you will have to show us more pics nearer to christmas
lisa x

Anonymous said...