Friday, September 26, 2008

List for the Autumn

This summer I had a list. It was one of the many many lists I made
this year but it was a special one. Almost every day I make lists like
don't forget to buy sugar or go to the market and buy apples to remind
me of buying things to eat and use rather than fabric or ribbon or other
things that are very usefull as well but in another way (let's say they
can wait).

That list for the summer was also a very usefull list. There were some
projects on it that I had in my mind for a long time but also there were
things like laugh and play and have fun! It may sound stupid but those were
the things I liked most on the list...Because in the rush of daily life
I sometimes forget those things. Really. And during this summer I was
really aware to not forget to laugh and play and have fun together! It
really worked for me and I think without that list the summer would not
have been THIS good. It might be a tiny difference but a difference there was
for sure.

So that made me think of putting together a list for the autumn. And here it is:

~ Go to the woods
~ Learn (the kids) more about different trees
~ Read stories about this season
~ Make hedgehogs from pears and sunflowerseeds (big boy reminded me of that and that's why I love it even more...because it might eventually become some sort of tradition...hmmm love that)
~ Introduce 'Friday Baking Day' to make something nice for the weekend together with my little one (since he'll start school in january and those quiet mornings spend together won't be there anymore.)
~ make an adventcalender (it is on my list for the 3rd year now, never made one myself)
~ have fun outside even when the weather is bad
~ knit myself mitts and a scarf and maybe a hat too (that might be too much)
~ make pyama's for the boys
~start everyday with a hot and damping teapot on the breakfast table.
~ Make more jam and maybe chutney to get us through this winter.
~ Bake something with nuts and cinnamon hmmm
~ Enjoy quiet moments at home
~ Make another lapquilt to snuggle up on the couch
~ Let my friends and family know that I love them with handmade gifts made with love
~ Sing
~ Prepare the vegetable garden for the upcoming winter
~ Live
~ Love
With this list in mind it will be a rich autumn.


Amy said...

what a good list for the soul. right now my list includes mostly "to makes" I think if I added a list like this one I would either feel more relaxed OR my head might explode...ahhh wishing to have your list right now!

Ravenhill said...

Your list sounds like a delightful idea! Thanks for sharing!

lisette said...

Oh wat is het herkenbaar al die lijstjes!! Ik heb er ook altijd heel veel en ik zet er ook soms op dat ik weer eens 'gek' moet doen. Ik vind je nieuwe lijstje voor de herfst geweldig. Vooral dat je de bossen in wilt en je kinderen over de natuur wilt leren vind ik helemaal genieten, als ik dat lees.. Maar ook je baking friday vind ik super! Goede ideeen, mooie plannen, top lijstje. Dat word een geweldige herfst voor julie!!

trudette, said...

that's a lovely list, better than a boring shopping list :)
happy autumn !

Anonymous said...