Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summertime: 12

This summer seems to be the summer of jam making over here. I'm so enjoying it lately. I know that this is not ment to be a jam-making blog but how could I not show you these yummy pictures?

I wish I could add a scent to this picture as well...the whole house was filled with a lovely 'mummy makes strawberry jam'-scent...At least I guess that's how it had scented when my mother, my grand mother and great grandmother where making jam long times ago.

Only to fill the house with that scent makes me want to make lots and lots of jam! hmmmm and then it turned out to be the perfect present for my brother and his girlfriend! lots of luck and happiness for you both in your new home!


Maureen said...

Ohhh, dat ziet er echt heerlijk uit....
Je ruikt de lekkere geur gewoon van de foto's af.
Alleen het potje is al om je vingers bij af te likken :o)

vivi said...

erna: don't worry! i could mostly smell it, yumyum!
big kisses

Blossom said...

That is the sweetest looking jam I've ever are very clever!!! Love the way you've decorated the jar.

somebody said...