Friday, June 13, 2008

List for the Summer

more strawberries, originally uploaded by Blij Als Mij.

When I read the 'summer to do list' from Mary Beth ( knew I had to make one too....
Time goes fast these days and there's so much I want to do and try. A list may be a good thing to remind me when I need it...And maybe I can put some dreams into reality because..they're on the list!

real strawberries, originally uploaded by Blij Als Mij.

So here is The List for the Summer :

~Spend lots of time in our vegetable garden
~Eat, cook or bottle all things we harvest
~Make lots of jam (and put them in the freezer)
~Bake bread
~Cook meals when my husband is off from work and eat together
~Have picnics
~Make icecream

felt strawberry doll, originally uploaded by Blij Als Mij.

~ go swimming with my boys
~ go to the beach
~ have lots of fun
~ don't care about a messy house or dirty clothes
~ spend most of our time outside

finished, originally uploaded by Blij Als Mij.

~ relax
~ play
~ enjoy
~ laugh
what else could I wish for?


Mette said...

You could wish for no more! Love the Strawberry doll. Have a nice weekend, Erna.

Ravenhill said...

Your strawberry doll is the CUTEST!!!

Happy strawberry eating weekend!
~Emily xxx

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sounds like the perfect summer!! Your strawberry softie is so sweet.

Iris E. said...

Oh Erna! The close up photo of the strawberries has me drooling. I love it when they are so ripe like that, shiny and bursting with their goodness! We are a few weeks away from our berries yet, here in Maine!

And the strawberry doll...Will she be on your shop?


pasiakowa said...

It's wonderful 'to-do' list :))
But the strawberry doll is so... so cute, wonderful and amazing, I have no words to say how I love this project :)

Kate said...

Sounds like a great summer ahead!

Cheryl said...

Erna- Your little strawberry doll is the absolute sweetest thing! I love her! She measures right up the the little hedgehog in the cute overload department! Miss talking to you. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...