Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beanbags and Bookmarks

Some beanbags in progress...I'm enjoying the sun and the bright colours!! The kids help with filling them up with beans, rice and other ' food'.

Some new bookmarks for the shop are in their way...they need some light ironing and more photografing which I'll be doing a little later today...



Selina said...

Great choice of colours on your bookmarks. Hope you are well.

lisette said...

Hoi Erna,

Erg leuk om ook eens een nederlandse tegen te komen met een creatief blog! Je blog en je winkel zien er super uit! Je maakt mooie spulletjes en je foto's zijn erg mooi. Succes!


Ravenhill said...

Wow, I love them! Such prettiness to see as usual!!!
~Emily xx

fiona said...

love the colors! so fresh and happy:)

Anonymous said...