Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some sewing

I so enjoyed making this doll lately... that I made another

one. This red checkered and dotted doll is on its way to a new

home already...

I also made these red hens...

I think I'm going to buy some more linen these days. After

all these dotties and red and bright fabric I'm in need of some

more simple fabrics... to combine with the dots and colours! LOL

I really want to sew some clothes for the children and maybe

a skirt for myself...hope to find some time for that the coming weeks.

First we're going to make a little present for little one's teacher

who's having her birthday. It may involve some rubber carving

and stamping and maybe some use of textile markers as well...and

of course the opinion and help of my little boy!



A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love those little red hens!

margy said...

Je pop en die hennen zien er geweldig uit. Je maakt echt heel leuke dingen. heb mijn bestelling ontvangen, en de schoentjes zijn te schattig, echt heel erg lief.
En mijn jongste is helemaal weg van je sleutelhanger die je erbij had gedaan, hij is 2 en vindt die appel helemaal geweldig.

Ravenhill said...

Your dollie and birdies are so wonderful!

Selina said...

Love love love the hens!

ingrid said...

Oh those little red hens are adorable! so sweet!

Maureen said...

Ze is geweldig....zo lief!

Anonymous said...