Thursday, March 13, 2008

Red....all red!

I'm so trying not to...but again I didn't succeed in not buying the reds....
I just LOVE everything red!! The one with the strawberries was a bargain...only 50 eurocents for more than 2 meters of supersoft flannel... The other ones are just beautiful and go well with my other red fabrics.... and when I saw these key caps I just had to buy them..

Take a look at Spiegelburg for more cute red and dotty stuf...
Someone is ill again...poor little thing! Taking a nap on the couch in the afternoon sun....
I so want to make a nice quilt for these naps... but what colour and what pattern?? hmmm need to look around blogs more (nice excuse for more hours of lurking)
Ok here's a days I'll try to put more colour (more than just reds) in the blog!!


eileensattic said...

oooo.. but there IS a little bit of light blue in there.. it goes so perfectly with the red.

CalicoDaisy said...

Hi there: I sent something your way today that might help you figure out what to make for naptime on the couch. I hope you like it. -- Michele

Ravenhill said...

I love red too! Sorry to hear of the illness! Lilly was sick yesterday too! Very tiring!

CalicoDaisy said...

Me, again. Here is someone else who likes all pink and red, too: -- Michele

Florence said...

What absolutely beautiful things you have on your blog - I love the fabrics...and also the bowl in the last post. I can see now that you really do also adore the pinks & reds! Thank you for the lovely comment you left for me. x

Iris E. said...

I come to you via Emily of Ravenhill. What a beautiful blog you have and I can't get enough of red! Just seeing color at this time of year feels hopeful. I am taking a wild guess at your country of residence...The Netherlands?
I am adding your blog to my growing list!
Thanks for the color-therapy!

Iris E. said...

Oh I have just spent quite awhile reading more and more...Now I know your country after finishing up all of your lovely posts!
I couldn't stop and now I am up past my usual bedtime!
I am sure I will have colorful dreams filled with sweet children, fabric, and wonderful handmade creations.
Thanks again---

Tonje said...

Gorgeous fabrics. I especially like the top one.

Poor little thing, hope (s)he feels better soon.

Iris E. said...

I couldn't help but feature your sweet little Babushka Sotfy in my latest post...Check in when you have time!

a*LiTtLe*MuCH said...

hi! i
your blog! the colors are my
i *adore* red too!!!
especially with pink,
lemon yellow,
or aqua blue!
have a great weekend!
<3, karri

Kate said...

Lovely reds!

Rae said...

I love the reds too! And your new (I think?) blog header! So cute!

trudette, said...

I hope the little one gets well soon.
Lovely material , good luck with the plaid making.

Anonymous said...