Thursday, March 27, 2008

More red

Can't get enough of red this year.... After my new (red...of course) couches arrived....I had to make this 'quilted blanket'... I think it's not really a quilt because I just threw some fabrics together...but ok let's call it a quilt. It is my first! I actually quilted it in the seem lines. (quilting 'in the ditch'. I learned that from a beautiful gift I received from Michele . More about the lovely things she sent me soon.)

I used my biasmaker for the first's so fun doing! May I be a little bit proud of myself?

I also made these little tissueholders...just a little and very quick project...loved doing it. Combining all the fabrics is much fun! Planning to make more for my upcoming stall at my son's school springfair.

Now I'll take a break from sewing and going to prepare for my son's birthday party in two days.
take care!


CalicoDaisy said...

Great job, Erna! I LOVE the red. I have to hold back on using it too much at my house, too. The tissue holders came out bright and pretty. I think they will be a great seller at your craft fair.

A Spoon Full Of Sugar said...

Your red quilt looks very effective - such a bright cheerful colour! It looks like your son's birthday was a special and enjoyable occasion - they sure grow up quickly! Lisa

CurlyPops said...

That quilt is beautiful. I love the combination of fabrics that you used.

Bronwyn said...

No doubt about it - your quilt is definitely a quilt - such a cheery one too! Gorgeous! Dolls are delightful!

Anonymous said...