Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My 4-year old made this beautiful rainbow-painting for his grandfather. I was sooo jalous...wished he made it for me :) It was really the first time he made something so beautiful in stead of just mixing the colours until all became brown... He made my day :))
Then I also made something to give..this nice penholder. My father loved the fabric and his name on it..he said he was surprised I didn't put 'grandfather' on it hihi

This weekend we had off to the south of Holland to my parents hotel. It is so nicely situated in one of the most beautiful places of the countrey. Take a look here : www.valkennest.nl
When the sun was shining my friend took my little one out for a walk to give the fish in the pond some bread but it was freezing cold and he didn't want to walk.... see his face....so after a couple of minutes they came back... "I just didn't feel to walk' was what he said hehehe

Now I'm back home.... time to start crafting again! So now I'm heading to my studio to see what I can do... pictures will follow soon...

love, Erna


CalicoDaisy said...

Erna: Your comment was just one ahead of mine on Ravenhill's blog. I saw that you just started blogging yourself, so I thought I would say hello. From your banner, it looks like you enjoy Tone Finnanger. That is how I found Ravenhill. Some comment about the book, I think. I have the "Sew Pretty Homestyle" and love it. I have sewn one project out of it and hope to do more this spring. -- Michele

Ravenhill said...

So nice of you to leave me a comment and let me know you were by! Thank you! Your blog is wonderful! What a sweet boy you have!

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