Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunny Days....

Above: detail of a just fnished pillow

Oh my...today the sun is shining....it seems likt after 3 months the sun is embracing us again..and it feels gooddddddddddddd! Could make some light pictures of my latest activities on the sewing theme and now I'm going to clean the windows...Oh I love those early-spring-but-still-winter-sunny days! I feel my energy level going up and have lots of new fresh ideas .... want to make a skirt for myself (this morning I went to what we call 'kringloop' '= second hand stuff and bought some amazing vintage fabric perfect for a skirt for only 1 euro!)...finally finish the curtains of the boysrooms and and.... but first I'm going outside let the sun warm my face and give the windows a good clean!!

Detail of an apron with a pocket and this little cupcake embroidery.

From little pompons I made some cherries for my little one's kitchen...aren't they cute?

A pile of beanbags in lovely pink colourscheme...

Have a nice day!