Monday, June 23, 2008


Oh...did I miss to take pictures!! So when my camera was doing fine again I hopped outside and took this colourfull snaps for you...just because I missed it! and maybe you did too...

I'll be back with you tomorrow with more colour and some new finished crafts as well as a shopupdate! That's going to be so much fun after a week of ' nothing' ... Oh did I miss it!!!

Have a nice evening


Kate said...

Gorgeous fabrics!

Iris E. said...

Oh Beautiful!!! Love those hot summery colors and prints, Erna.

Hey, out of curiosity, I am looking at getting a new camera...Would you tell me what kind you have and if you like it? You know, I want it all...great action shots of kids, nice close-up macro shots of flowers, good ATC pictures, etc.!

I love keeping up with what you are doing and I adore your new bookmarks!


Mette said...

Gorgeous colours. Is it fabrics from your market...?!

Anonymous said...