Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zzz.zz.z and a lovely book!

hmm that looks so nice and cosy! taking a nap on the couch is

part of our daily routine...I love and they do too...although

they don't want to sleep at first..but then after they wake up

we can do so much more because they aren't so tired... I like it

very much this daily 'siesta' we might hold on to it for as long

as it lasts...

After a few months of blogging I thought I couldn't longer

live without this book...it's lovely! Although I didn't have

any time yet to read it I looked at the pictures and

little projects....wonderfull.

But for now I'm just looking at the lovely pictures and

that makes me smile...

take care


Some people ask me about the hedgehog-fabric I used
here : it can be found here.


Cathy said...

I have been reading it and it is a good book - great photos.

Jodie said...

I am so glad you liked your teapot !!! and i wish i could have a little nap on the couch each day...I wonder what the boss would think?

Iris E. said...

I LOVE the napping photo! Not to mention the look of that book. Perhaps it will inspire me to not be so afraid of my sewing machine?
And I adore the watering can montage!

ilse said...

Hi Erna,

Just found your blog, and i must say, I 'm totally in love wit hyour projects.

The book bend the rules is fabulous, I'm sure you will have lots af sewing fun with it.

I'm also absolutely in love with the hedgehogs you made ( found them in an earlier post) And I was just wondering, where did you found that real hedgehogfabric.

lieve groeten uit België.

Mary Beth said...

You are going to love it.

Linnea said...

It is such a great book! I checked it out from the library and it was just not long enough I am going to have to buy it. We made the hats but I wanted to make everything!

The sleeping photo is so sweet. They are such the angels when asleep.

Anonymous said...