Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fresh blankets and a blue blue sky!!

This lovely sunny colourful and bright sight was the first thing to
make me happy this morning!!! I took a cup of coffee and sat
down in the sun watching my little one riding his red bicycle!
A blue blue sky....that was a long time since we saw that overhere....
But there's more that makes me happy today...lots more!
The mailman (goush I start to love him LOL) ...brought me this:
and this...
and my favorite...this!
Maybe I told you that I took part in the
blog Melly and Me. Well I did take part and found a lovely
swap partner in the person of Cheryl Haley. Unfortunately
she has no blog but she makes gorgeous bags and other
things which she sells to her daughters girlfriends on high school.
When she emailed me to say hi and asked about my favorite
colours and so on she already announced 'you lucky girl you hit
the jackpot!' So I was very exited before the postman came...
but after he there was a whole box full of lovely
lovely fabrics...these are just some...there's more to come...
Thank you soooo soo much Cheryl! I hope you like mine too :)


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What terrific fabric - no doubt you will put it to good use. Hope the beautiful weather and blue skies continue for the weekend!

eileensattic said...

Nothing better than the blue skies.. except maybe this gorgeous box of new fabrics! I'm so glad you shared that with us. Wonderful!

Selina said...

Lovely fabrics! Sounds like a great swap.

Ravenhill said...

the fabrics are so beautiful! Wherever did you find them?

Anonymous said...